Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You listen to WHAT?

Geez, sorry that I don't listen to all American music, that I listen to some Japanese music, that I'm a little worldly... Since when is it a crime to listen to something from another land? Since when am I "turning black" because I listen to something that isn't in our first language? God! People can be so ignorant! Yes, the retards I know said I was "turning black" I don't know if they are that stupid or trying to sound funny. But they sure didn't sound funny. I like my music. I can't name one American artist that sounds ANYTHING like the JRock I listen to. Yeah, I can't immediantly translate what I listen to, I can't speak Japanese. But at least when I do find the lyrics to the songs, they have a deeper meaning than "Superman dat hoe" or whatever. I sure hope my town is the only one that is stupid enough to think, just because you don't know what they're really saying in the song, you shouldn't listen to it, even if it has amazing music. No, I'm not saying "ZOMG LISTEN TO JROCK NOWE OR BECOME IGNORANT MUSH!" I'm not stupid like that. I'm just saying that if somebody wants to listen to something, I'd let them, so why can't they do that in return. If someone I know is playing Lamb of God or Ozzy or even anything satanic, I wouldn't get on their case: "THAT'S DEVIL'S MUSIC, YOU GONNA TURN INTO A DEEEEMMMOOONNNN!" No. That's stupid. I'm not ignorant like that. I'm not one of those stupid Japanese fan girls that randomly uses Japanese words in place of english, like:"OH MY GOSH, THAT INU IS SOOOOOOO KAWAIIIIIIIIII!" I don't even know if I used those right... But you get my point. I listen to my music peacefully and I don't force anyone to listen to it. So why do so many people to that to me? Tell me to listen to the newest Justin Timberlake song. Gosh, I hope the world doesn't come to that. So basically, to sum it all up: I like Japanese music, some people are ignorant enough to tell me that I shouldn't, I'm not going to listen to them, and I wish that people can accept music that is from another country and not criticize it, just because it's in another language.

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